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Oct 262014
BOOK REVIEW: 'Strange Bodies' by Marcel Theroux

I usually can’t stand literary fiction.  That’s a gross generalisation, I know, but stories of middle class people struggling with “worthy” social problems and unexpected family histories set my teeth on edge, and that (or some variation of it) is what the majority of literary fiction seems to concern.  As such, Strange Bodies took me […]

Sep 092014
Haruki Murakami at the Edinburgh Book Festival

Haruki Murakami appeared at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Saturday 23rd August in a special event to discuss his classic novel, The WInd-Up Bird Chronicle. On Sunday 24th August he appeared in another event, dedicated to his career, and his new book, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. Intrepid Geekzine UK reporter, and […]

Aug 302014
"We were three perfectionists who never disagreed!" - Kate Charlesworth, Mary & Bryan Talbot at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Comics as a medium aren’t usually associated with the biography genre, despite having a proud heritage in that vein with the work of such celebrated creators as Alison Bechdel, Harvey Pekar and Art Spiegelman.  It came as something of a surprise, then, when Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, a graphic novel by husband-and-wife team Bryan […]

Aug 202013
Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2012-13 (EIBF 2013)

Celebrated sci-fi author China Miéville spoke about the “geekification of popular culture”, and his desire to build a counter-history of popular literature through the “books that don’t fit” at the World Writers’ Conference event, hosted by the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Saturday.  The event as a whole was rather directionless; despite acting as a […]

Feb 222013
Infinite Libraries and Secret Miracles: why Jorge Luis Borges is the best writer you've never read

Can you imagine an ancient city where one’s place in society was determined by an annual lottery?  Or an infinite library containing every book that ever has been, or will be written?  What about a fictional nation imagined into reality by a group of conspiring intellectuals, or a certain point in space-time from which one […]

Oct 042012
Chris Priestley Q & A October 2012

Chris Priestley is the exceptionally talented author of Tales of Terror books (Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror, Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, Tales of Terror from the Tunnel’s Mouth and the 2011 World Book Day special, The Teacher’s Tales of Terror), and of the superb wintry chiller, The Dead of Winter. His most […]