Welcome to this shiny new website, the Geekzine, which is the logical & inevitable evolution of the Edinburgh Geekzine, a fanzine-newsletter dedicated to the weird and wonderful worlds of SF, Fantasy, Horror, Graphic Novels & Comics, Manga, and more (hopefully you’ve heard of it).

The website will primarily focus on the printed word, but with generous space given over to movies and tv shows, computer and videogames, board games, role-playing games, etc. You get the idea.

My name is Andy Jamieson and I am the editor and creator of the Edinburgh Geekzine, which started life a few years back as a side-project of a humble store newsletter for a certain big-chain bookshop (beginning with W). I worked hard establishing a regular newsletter every month for all the stores in Edinburgh of this particular chain, but became increasingly frustrated with having to write about books I just wasn’t interested in.

So I decided to start up the Geekzine. Over the course of a couple of years it blossomed into what it is today, through word of mouth, good press, and hard work from myself, but also the numerous contributors from across Edinburgh.

When I resigned from that job, I took my newsletter with me and now the Edinburgh Geekzine is an independent fanzine, stocked in all the major bookstores across the fair city of Edinburgh. It is a quarterly publication with a limited print run (due to costs and time), hence the inevitability of a website.

So what can you expect from this website? Well, everything. I intend the printed newsletter of the Edinburgh Geekzine to keep going, but this website will be the hub and home of all EGZ action. You’ll find reviews, features, articles, interviews (authors, artists, directors, actors…), and competitions, plus comic strips (regular readers will be pleased to see Zombie Kitty by ace illustrator, Ryan Thomason) and more stuff that I don’t even know about yet.

My team (a hardy cadre of fellow like-minded geeks) and I will attempt to make this website a great place to visit, with all the above, and hopefully loads more updated regularly. I’m also intending to archive all past issues of the Edinburgh Geekzine, so you can either be reminded of its past ‘glories’ or see what you’ve been missing.

To start things off, I’ve put up a profile of myself so you can see what I’m about, and what drives me as editor of the Edinburgh Geekzine, and the Geekzine website. Take a peek, and let me know what you think.

And I’m always on the lookout for more contributors/reviewers, so please get in touch.




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  3 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Hey Andy,

    Apologies for the rather unorthodox method of contact (do feel free to delete this!), but I was wondering what is the best method of contacting you or one of the other Geekzine staff regarding becoming a contributor/reviewer. Scoured the site and its satellites and couldn’t find any contact details. Would love to pitch myself but don’t want to take up space on the site.

  2. Hi Andy,

    I too would really like to contact your team!
    I am working on a new TV show that Id like to tell you about, in case you might like to run a little feature on it.
    feel free to email me –

  3. Hi guys,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. All enquiries should be directed to my email address: