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Aug 052015


Welcome one and all to the inaugural Geekzine podcast!  It’s something we’ve been trying to plan for a while, and now things have finally come together (albeit in a definitely low-tech way) we’re kicking it off with an interview with Edinburgh-based author (and Geekzine editor) Andrew Jamieson, who’s just published his second novel, Children of War.  A mind-blowing blend of steampunk, fantasy and Lovecraftian horror, Children of War is part two of Andrew’s epic saga The Chronicles of Edenos, and promises to be a fascinating story of war and conspiracy.  Throughout the course of the interview, we discuss his writing process, his influences, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Game of Thrones, the ebook industry, violence in fantasy and much more!  Have a listen:

Please let us know what you thought, either here on the website or via Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud.  As we move forward with the podcast, we’d love to know what you’d all like to hear on future installments, whether that be more interviews, roundtable discussions or something else entirely.  Enjoy!

Nov 172014
GEEKZINE Q&A: Gill Arbuthnott - November 2014

Local author Gill Arbuthnott appeared at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this summer with her latest book, Beneath, a supernatural thriller set in 16th century Scotland. She took time out from her hectic schedule to answer Geekzine UK editor Andrew Jamieson’s questions: Andrew Jamieson: How did your latest book, Beneath, come about? Is it a […]

Sep 012013
SNEAK PREVIEW: New novella from the world of The Vengeance Path...

The Vengeance Path: The Lost Brother is an exciting new novella from Edinburgh-based fantasy author, Andrew Jamieson. Coming less than two months after the release of the acclaimed The Vengeance Path (the first book in The Chronicles of Edenos; book two, Children of War, is out next year), The Lost Brother was exclusively revealed at Andrew’s Edinburgh […]

Aug 142013
Geekzine creator discusses debut novel at Edinburgh Book Festival

Geekzine UK founder, Andrew Jamieson, will be reading from and discussing his debut novel, The Vengeance Path, on Wednesday 14th August, at 5pm, alongside fellow debut author, Damien Love, who will be reading from his book, Like Clockwork. Both author’s works are eBooks, and the event is billed as ‘Future Books’ – expect discussion to […]

Jul 292013
Q & A with 'The Vengeance Path' author Andrew Jamieson

The Vengeance Path is an epic tale of war, politics and (of course) revenge that was released as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.co.uk at the beginning of July, by Edinburgh-based e-publisher Thistle In The Kiss.  Since then it has been a regular presence in the Kindle top 100 Steampunk Bestseller list. Blending high fantasy with […]

Jun 222013
Doug Johnstone Q&A: Summer 2013

Doug Johnstone’s latest novel, Gone Again, is an Edinburgh-set thriller that has made quite the impact with critics and sales alike. Doug took time out from his hectic schedule to answer Geekzine editor Andy Jamieson’s pesky questions.    Andy Jamieson: What was the inspiration for Gone Again? And was the plot for Gone Again something that […]