Dec 102012

In one of the biggest coups the geekzine has experienced, we are extremely pleased to feature an interview recently conducted with Anne Rice, author of Interview With The Vampire, and many other novels, including most recently, The Wolf Gift. Ms Rice was kind enough to answer Editor-in-Chief Andy Jamieson’s questions, as part of the promotion for new graphic novel Interview With The Vampire: Claudia’s Story, adapted and illustrated by Ashley Marie Witter. Claudia’s Story is available now in hardback, published by Headline for the sum of £13.99. It is a beautiful addition to the Vampire Chronicles, and promises to be the first of many illustrated adaptations.


Andy: Claudia’s Story is a beautifully illustrated book and an unusual addition to the Vampire Chronicles. Can you reveal what inspired the project and how it came about?

Anne: Yen purchased the right to adapt the book as a graphic novel, and it was their idea to do it from Claudia’s point of view.  I agreed to let them do this.

AJ: Are there any further illustrated Vampire Chronicles planned?  

AR: I hope that all of the books will be graphic novels eventually.   There is only one Yen.  I hope they show interest in The Vampire Lestat and other titles later on.

AJ: You have had such a successful and varied career as a writer. What keeps you motivated and inspired? 

AR: My mind never stops making stories and characters.  I see books now that I want to write but cannot get to.  I’m working on a new novel, but have plans for a novel after that, and after that.  It’s “the never ending story” pouring out of my soul.  I can’t claim any credit for this.  It just happens.

Anne Rice's most recent novel, The Wolf Gift

AR: I’m working on a new novel,  but can’t say much about it at this point.  Then I want to return to the Songs of the Seraphim and Toby O’Dare, and do a third book in that series that is big and juicy and draws the whole series together in a consummate way.

AJ: Will we see any more cinematic Vampire Chronicles adaptations in the future? 

AR: I hope so but working with Hollywood is soooo difficult.  And with the Vampires in particular it is difficult because there are so many books.

AJ: Which of your books are you most proud of and why?  

AR: Christ the Lord, The Road to Cana is the best book I ever was able to write.  But I’m proud of all of them for differing reasons.

AJ: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

AR: Treasure and protect your individual voice.  You’ll be slammed for your originality but your originality is the greatest thing you possess.  Don’t ever water down your books for some one.   The world fears extremes.  But it craves them.   Be brave, be bold. Ignore critics, and go for it.

AJ: Have you read any great books recently? 

AR: I read tons of non fiction.  I’m always reading non fiction that inspires and informs.  When it comes to  contemporary fiction I read very little actually and keep going back to the classics.  I wish I could read faster and read more.

Thank you to Anne for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions, and a big thanks to Caitlin at Headline for making this happen. AJ

Interview With The Vampire: Claudia’s Story is out now.

Check out Anne Rice’s website too:


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