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Sep 242013
Gav Thorpe Q&A September 2013: Dark Angels, Elves, 'SpellPunk' and more...

In what can only be described as a coup, I am proud and chuffed to bits to present a most entertaining interview with one of my favourite writers of recent years, a certain Mr Gav Thorpe. A gentleman of legend, a veteran writer and games designer, having learned his trade at Games Workshop HQ. He […]

Sep 122013
Putting the Science into Science-Fiction: Michael Brachman Q&A

How many science-fiction stories are actually written by actual scientists? That is the question that came to my mind when I stumbled upon the Rome’s Revolution trilogy (comprising the books Rome’s Revolution, The Ark Lords, and Rome’s Evolution) by American author, Michael Brachman, who possesses a PhD in Sensory Science, alongside a qualification in Computer […]

Jul 292013
Q & A with 'The Vengeance Path' author Andrew Jamieson

The Vengeance Path is an epic tale of war, politics and (of course) revenge that was released as a Kindle eBook on at the beginning of July, by Edinburgh-based e-publisher Thistle In The Kiss.  Since then it has been a regular presence in the Kindle top 100 Steampunk Bestseller list. Blending high fantasy with […]

Oct 042012
Chris Priestley Q & A October 2012

Chris Priestley is the exceptionally talented author of Tales of Terror books (Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror, Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, Tales of Terror from the Tunnel’s Mouth and the 2011 World Book Day special, The Teacher’s Tales of Terror), and of the superb wintry chiller, The Dead of Winter. His most […]

Mar 152012
Dan Abnett Q & A (Embedded, Know No Fear) March 2012

Dan Abnett is an author whose name is synonymous with Science-Fiction and future war – be it 2000AD, Gaunt’s Ghosts, the Horus Heresy, Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Doctor Who, Torchwood… And he keeps going. His most recent book is Know No Fear (out now from the Black Library in paperback, £7.99), the nineteenth book in the ongoing […]

Mar 092012
Chris Priestley Q & A (Mister Creecher): March 2012

Chris Priestley (pictured above at a book festival last year) is the extremely talented author of the Tales of Terror series (Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror, Tales of Terror from the Black Ship, and Tales of Terror from the Tunnel’s Mouth – plus the very rare The Teacher’s Tales of Terror for World Book Day […]