Aug 072011

Despite being a geek Warhammer is not actually something that I’m right into. Sure I’ve played Dawn of War on the PC – I’m a gamer after all but the lore and backstories and universe of Warhammer are still something of a mystery to me. This is something that is slowly changing though through the efforts of a friends of mine who has recently given me some Black Library books that I’ve been get into.

This week I downloaded a XBLA game called Warhammer 40K: Kill Team. Warhammer 40K is as it’s name suggests set in the year 40 000 AD and to probably unjustly simplify it, it is the “space” equivalent of  Humans v Orcs. In Kill Team you are on the side of the Empire ( Humans ) and the main plot involves fighting through sections of an ork ( yes it’s spelt with a ‘k’ in the future…) space kroozer ( it seems that there is no ‘c’ in 40 000 AD ) Gameplay is single or local co-op and you can choose from a variety of units to play each level with each on having it’s own unique style and power moves. The missions are fairly straight forward consisting of ‘get to here’ ‘disable that’ and ‘Kill that guy’ all the while killing a a horde of various enemies at the same time. Not the greatest plot of all time but there is plenty of action.

The Good:

This game is what they call a ‘twin stick’ system – where you move with the left stick and the right stick shoots in the direction you’re pushing it. Easy to control for the mass culling of Orks that you have to do.

Lots of exploding things. Bombs. rockets Barrels. Orks…

Replayable – playing the missions through as the different Space Marines so far has proved to be interesting.


The not so Good:

No xbox live co-op. that is a MASSIVE dissapointment.

you can’t skip through cut scenes. that makes it a bit annoying. although gives you a chance to pour more cola or grab a mouth full of crisps.


All things considered a enjoyable little title if you just like constant shooting mayhem. You don’t necessarily have to be into Warhammer to enjoy it. Available on Xbox or (yet to be released) PSN



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