Aug 192011

Hands up if you can remember Westwood Studio’s Dune II, what is widely considered as the first Real Time Strategy game that kick started the genre and the studio went on the become Kings of the RTS World with their following titles, Command and Conquer and Red Alert.

This game somehow had found it’s way onto the very first PC I ever bought and i seriously played it to death at the time, until I also discovered Warcraft: Orcs v Humans was also installed on it too.

Well if you do remember it from the first time around you can now put your hand down go and have a look at this. It’s a project dedicated to bringing you Dune II in HD. High Def resolution. I’ve been enjoying spice mining, avoiding worm and killing Harkonnen in 1600 x 1050 on my XP Gaming machine. Awesome.


Chris Shooter[suffusion-the-author display='description']