Aug 292011

This image is from the box art for the forthcoming Space Marine, from those very talented developer people at Relic. It looks just about as good when you’re actually playing it…


Now then. I’ve been waiting for this game for what seems like a long time. I was a proper excited fanboy when I saw this had arrived on the Playstation Network the other day. It did, however, take nearly an hour and a half to download the thing.

Was it worth the wait?

I’ve played it once, for about half an hour, and that was Saturday night. In short, it is quite brilliant. Great controls, that at first seem a little odd and cumbersome but once you get your head (and fingers) around them, seem intuitive, and very well suited to controlling a giant genetic super-warrior. Captain Titus is an absolute war machine, tearing into Orks with his Chainsword and popping off shots with his Bolt Pistol. And he’s voiced by Mark Strong, adding some thespian kudos to the whole thing. The level I played on the demo is of the three Ultramarines (Titus, a veteran sergeant and a novice marine) arriving planet-side on an invaded Forge World, up against hordes of Space Orks. Titus discovers a recorded message from an Inquisitor, which leads to the next immediate mission. Cue lots of chopping up Orks. Get this, there is a move where you can stun your opponent, setting them up so you can perform an execution move; one I did led to my Titus sticking his Chainsword into the mouth of an Ork and splitting his head apart. The gore is gory and red and very splatty – and, in a nice touch, does actually douse Titus’ armour. So far I am liking this…

Initially it seems very faithful to the WH40K universe, and has a strong plot guiding the action.

More to follow soon. Must. Play.

Andy Jamieson, Editor 

Space Marine is released on PS3, XBox 360 & PC on Friday 9th September 2011.


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