Aug 182011

I am building a Space Marine army ready for a campaign. I’m putting the army together first, gradually building outwards from my command to my infantry and support, then I will have a go at painting it up. I have ideas for other armies, but I’m trying to focus on the Lamenters.

I’m going to pop snaps up of the various models in the army as I go, starting with my captain.

So this chap here is my captain model. He doesn’t have a name yet, but is cobbled together with various parts:

– His helmet is a Sanguinary Guard Death Mask.

– His shield is not the standard long Storm Shield that came with the model. It is a Tyranid carapace. Anyone who knows anything about the Lamenters story within the Warhammer 40K universe will know that the Lamenters have had their fair share of scrapes with the foul xenos that are the Tyranids. My captain has scalped him a big ‘un and duly uses this trophy on the battlefield. The purity seals on the shield are from Forge World.

– The main body is taken from one of the lead Space Marine captain models.

– I am thinking of adding a back banner, perhaps with some more grisly Tyranid trophies.

I think he cuts quite a figure and I am almost a bit scared to paint him…

Andy Jamieson (Editor)


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