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The Vengeance Path: The Lost Brother is an exciting new novella from Edinburgh-based fantasy author, Andrew Jamieson. Coming less than two months after the release of the acclaimed The Vengeance Path (the first book in The Chronicles of Edenos; book two, Children of War, is out next year), The Lost Brother was exclusively revealed at Andrew’s Edinburgh International Book Festival appearance, on Wednesday 14th August, in an event titled Future Books. Andrew appeared alongside fellow eBook author, Damien Love, there promoting his debut novel, Like Clockwork.

The Lost Brother is a prequel to The Vengeance Path novel,” revealed Andrew, “and is set three years before. It follows the character of Nessan Yulano, one of the major heroic figures in The Vengeance Path. In this novella you get to see how he became a brother of the Order of Hollftar. I was inspired to write The Lost Brother because I wanted to tell more of Nessan’s backstory. He is one of my favourite characters and, as fans of The Vengeance Path will know, Nessan is in exile from House Yulano at the start of the novel . The idea for the novella came to me after I had written a flashback chapter, originally intended for book two. This chapter saw Nessan and Shaylen Krakelis face off in a duel. After I wrote it, I got to thinking that I wanted to explore this story vein in more detail. So I did. I also wanted to mark the book festival event with something special for fans.” (The Lost Brother was given away as a FREE exclusive download at the book festival, in the shape of a collectable postcard)

Discussing his plans for his series, The Chronicles of Edenos, Andrew revealed that he is in the thick of writing book two at the moment. “It is going to be a far more focused tale. All the groundwork was laid in The Vengeance Path. In Children of War, you see the conflict begun in book one properly explode and engulf the continent.”

The first book, The Vengeance Path, is a regular fixture in the Amazon Kindle Steampunk Top 100 Bestseller chart.

The Vengeance Path: The Lost Brother will be released for download simultaneously on and, at the end of September.

Andrew is currently nominated for the Edinburgh International Book Festival’s First Book Award, sponsored by Ebooks for Sainsbury’s. You can vote here:



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