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Mar 152012
Dan Abnett Q & A (Embedded, Know No Fear) March 2012

Dan Abnett is an author whose name is synonymous with Science-Fiction and future war – be it 2000AD, Gaunt’s Ghosts, the Horus Heresy, Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Doctor Who, Torchwood… And he keeps going. His most recent book is Know No Fear (out now from the Black Library in paperback, £7.99), the nineteenth book in the ongoing […]

Sep 082011
Titanicus by Dan Abnett

Titanicus by Dan Abnett (Black Library, 2009, PB, £7.99) The world of Orestes comes under attack from a legion of chaos Titans; an Imperial detachment is sent to save the day. The set-up is deceivingly simple, the execution is as wonderfully thrilling as you would expect from Abnett, the master of future war novels. This […]

Sep 012011
Bloodborn by Nathan Long

Bloodborn by Nathan Long (published by Black Library, 2010, PB, £7.99) Bloodborn is the author’s first step away from the cult characters of Gotrek and Felix, with this first spin-off book following the vampire Ulrika. Though initially quite ponderous, after the first couple of chapters Long really takes Ulrika’s character into his own stride and moulds […]

Aug 312011
Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Black Library, PB, £7.99, out now) Welcome to the latest novel from this rising talent who, after exploding on the Games Workshop scene with his first BL novel, Cadian Blood, has returned with this action-packed, adrenalin-fuelled tale about the sinister Night Lords Legion of renegade space marines. Turned traitor during the […]

Aug 312011
Graham McNeill Q & A: Summer 2009

  Please note: This interview took place by email in the summer of 2009, to promote the hardback release of Courage And Honour, the fifth book in the Ultramarines series.    What inspires you as a writer? Like most writers, I take inspiration from all around me; books, movies, comics, real life and everything in-between. […]

Aug 292011
Sabbat Worlds by Dan Abnett

Sabbat Worlds edited by Dan Abnett (Black Library, out in paperback October 2011, £7.99) This superb collection of short stories centres on ‘The Sabbat Crusade’, a conflict that Abnett created as the setting for his tremendously good Gaunt’s Ghosts novels.  There are short stories from the likes of Graham McNeill, who’s written a spin-off from Abnett’s […]