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Aug 172013
GAME REVIEW:  'The Walking Dead: The Game'

Jonny investigates that rarest of beasts: a tie-in video game which is actually really good…. The Walking Dead: The Game is a puzzle-adventure originally released in April 2012, with successive episodes made available over the following four months resulting in a 5-act story.  Since then there’s also been a sixth episode released, titled ‘400 days’ […]

Jul 312013
GAME REVIEW:  'Mercenary Kings'

Jonny discovers that a retro 2D shooter he backed on Kickstarter was well worth supporting…. Homage indie games are 10-a-penny on Kickstarter, so it was with trepidation that I chose to back Mercenary Kings in August 2012.  The project was looking for $75,000 to fund a classic 2D shooter in the style of Megaman and […]

Jun 192013
REVIEW:  'The Last of Us' (PS3)

The Last of Us is a journey and one which you will remember for a long time indeed.  But more than just a journey of getting from point A to point B, The Last of Us is as much an emotional and mental voyage as it is a physical one – well, virtually so. I […]

Mar 142013
PlayStation 4: Are We Excited?

  Griff Williams, avid videogamer and creative writer of stuff, casts his probing eye on the recent PlayStation 4 news… Andy Jamieson, Editor    Well, the latest generation of the Console Wars is drawing to a close, and the more I look back upon it the closer I come to the unhappy conclusion that the […]

Mar 062013
Bedlam by Christopher Brookmyre

  Bedlam is the latest novel from Christopher Brookmyre, who you may know for his delicious, dark, funny crime writing, or his gothic horror / Doom 3 re-enactment ‘Pandaemonium’. I’m going to get right to the point: as somebody who has played more than enough computer games in his time, I can’t recommend this enough. […]

Mar 212012
The Lost Guardian: Fumito Ueda and The Last Guardian

Hmm, will we ever see this game released?   The Lost Guardian A single white feather floats in the darkness and alights next to a round stone structure which appears to be a well with a rusted chain disappearing into its depths. A blackbird lands on the structure, dwarfed by the seemingly huge white feather, […]