Dec 142014
The Death of Social Gaming?

When I think back over my personal history with games consoles, a few memories stand out with particular vividness.  There’s the utter joy I felt at receiving my first console – a NES – for Christmas when I was about 5 years old (that dates me); the atmospheric rush of discovering Doom via Playstation (sorry, [...]

Nov 212014
TV REVIEW: 'Constantine'

Since his first appearance in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing thirty years ago, John Constantine has become one of comics’ most popular antiheroes.  That his solo title Hellblazer was the longest-running comic on DC’s Vertigo imprint (1988-2013) speaks volumes about the character’s enduring appeal, but up until now there’s only been one attempt to adapt the [...]

Nov 172014
GEEKZINE Q&A: Gill Arbuthnott - November 2014

Local author Gill Arbuthnott appeared at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this summer with her latest book, Beneath, a supernatural thriller set in 16th century Scotland. She took time out from her hectic schedule to answer Geekzine UK editor Andrew Jamieson’s questions: Andrew Jamieson: How did your latest book, Beneath, come about? Is it a [...]

Nov 132014
FILM REVIEW: 'Radio Free Albemuth' (2014)

Between February and March 1974, renowned science fiction author Philip K. Dick experienced a series of bizarre occurrences (summarised here in graphic form by the legendary R. Crumb) which as far as he was concerned constituted a direct communication from either God, an alien intelligence, or both.  Experiencing visions of the ancient past (specifically 1st [...]

Nov 012014
FEATURE: Halloween Horror, Page and Screen

Halloween Horror, Page and Screen – Recommendations from the Geekzine team Here at Geekzine Towers we feel very strongly about all things spooky, and what better excuse to indulge our love of horror films and books than the annual marketing ploy that is Halloween. Below you will find recommendations from the Geekzine team, some of [...]

Oct 302014
FILM REVIEW: 'Nightcrawler' (15)

Nightcrawler is one of those films where you know from a very early point in the plot that terrible things are going to happen.  The trajectories which characters embark upon, either by their own volition or at the behest of another, seem destined to terminate in chaos and ruin, and you can barely bring yourself [...]