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Nov 172014
GEEKZINE Q&A: Gill Arbuthnott - November 2014

Local author Gill Arbuthnott appeared at the Edinburgh International Book Festival this summer with her latest book, Beneath, a supernatural thriller set in 16th century Scotland. She took time out from her hectic schedule to answer Geekzine UK editor Andrew Jamieson’s questions: Andrew Jamieson: How did your latest book, Beneath, come about? Is it a […]

Sep 162014
GEEKZINE Q&A: Curtis Jobling, author of 'Haunt: Dead Scared'

Curtis Jobling is a man of many talents, some of them more obvious than others. Aside from his impressive sideburns, he is a multi-talented artist. Starting out as an animator, he rose to prominence due to his character designs for Bob The Builder. He began to branch out into other animation (Curious Cow for Nickleodeon) […]

Apr 042014
GEEKZINE Q&A: Jonny Duddle, artist & illustrator

Bloomsbury Children’s Books recently announced that, in conjunction with author J.K. Rowling, that they have selected a new artist to illustrate re-releases of the seven Harry Potter books. The artist is Jonny Duddle, who you may most likely know from his award-winning picture books, The Pirates Next Door and The Pirate Cruncher. Bloomsbury, as part […]

Sep 242013
Gav Thorpe Q&A September 2013: Dark Angels, Elves, 'SpellPunk' and more...

In what can only be described as a coup, I am proud and chuffed to bits to present a most entertaining interview with one of my favourite writers of recent years, a certain Mr Gav Thorpe. A gentleman of legend, a veteran writer and games designer, having learned his trade at Games Workshop HQ. He […]

Sep 122013
Putting the Science into Science-Fiction: Michael Brachman Q&A

How many science-fiction stories are actually written by actual scientists? That is the question that came to my mind when I stumbled upon the Rome’s Revolution trilogy (comprising the books Rome’s Revolution, The Ark Lords, and Rome’s Evolution) by American author, Michael Brachman, who possesses a PhD in Sensory Science, alongside a qualification in Computer […]

Sep 012013
SNEAK PREVIEW: New novella from the world of The Vengeance Path...

The Vengeance Path: The Lost Brother is an exciting new novella from Edinburgh-based fantasy author, Andrew Jamieson. Coming less than two months after the release of the acclaimed The Vengeance Path (the first book in The Chronicles of Edenos; book two, Children of War, is out next year), The Lost Brother was exclusively revealed at Andrew’s Edinburgh […]