Aug 052015
The first ever Geekzine podcast: Q&A with author Andrew Jamieson

Welcome one and all to the inaugural Geekzine podcast!  It’s something we’ve been trying to plan for a while, and now things have finally come together (albeit in a definitely low-tech way) we’re kicking it off with an interview with Edinburgh-based author (and Geekzine editor) Andrew Jamieson, who’s just published his second novel, Children of […]

Sep 272014
COMIC REVIEW: 'Seconds' by Bryan Lee O'Malley

After four years in the wilderness, Canadian comics hero Bryan Lee O’Malley has returned with fantastical graphic novel Seconds, a more-than-worthy successor to the cult phenomenon that was his Scott Pilgrim series. While Pilgrim was lauded for its inventiveness in bringing the pace and aesthetic of video games to the comic book format, Seconds takes its […]

Sep 162014
GEEKZINE Q&A: Curtis Jobling, author of 'Haunt: Dead Scared'

Curtis Jobling is a man of many talents, some of them more obvious than others. Aside from his impressive sideburns, he is a multi-talented artist. Starting out as an animator, he rose to prominence due to his character designs for Bob The Builder. He began to branch out into other animation (Curious Cow for Nickleodeon) […]

Aug 182014
"All history is bloody" - George R R Martin at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

The landmark fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire is – in part – a response to the Tolkien imitators of the ’70s and ’80s, said author George R R Martin during his appearance at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.  A jovial presence at two warmly-received events during the festival’s first week, Martin said […]

May 282014
FEATURE: Where's Lando? (And other Episode VII musings)

Where’s Lando? (And other Episode VII musings) by Andrew Jamieson, Geekzine UK’s Editor-in-chief It is the question I have asked more than any other (with regard to Star Wars, of course; usually the most asked question of the day is “what’s for dinner?”) since that cast photo was released at the end of April. Straight […]

Feb 232014
Inventing to Remember, part 1: how science fiction can be all about the "real world"

“We always write in order to remember the truth.  When we invent, it is only in order to remember the truth more exactly.” (Luis Fernando Verissimo) I’ve often mistakenly attributed the above quote to Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges, possibly because it’s written in a book (Borges and the Eternal Orangutans) which pays tribute to […]